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This theme has been designed, built and engineered by us here at award winning SEO and search marketing experts, Integrity Search. We own the brand Integrity Commerce® that is dedicated to building the most technically advanced Shopify themes for SEO in the world.

We have been helping fashion retailers maximize revenue from search since 2010. We know what features and functionality a fashion retailer needs in order to grow online. We've put almost 10 years online fashion retailing & SEO knowledge into this theme. It's an 'off-the shelf', 'ready to go', high end, technically advanced Shopify theme for clothing, fashion and apparel and SEO. There's no need for expensive 'add-on' apps and SEO tools from the store, we've built them for you and have integrated them in to the theme.

We got tired of re-engineering other low quality ecommerce platforms that weren't engineered for maximum organic performance so we built our own theme called Integrity Commerce®. There's no other theme like it in the world. It has been crafted by developers and designers with SEO in their DNA and search marketing experts who know how to get a website ranking higher. This theme is technically aligned with Google's latest algorithms, quality guidelines and 200+ known ranking factors.

No gimmicks, no fancy imagery to make you buy it, it's simply built to rank higher and to perform better in the search engines, better than any other Shopify theme out there on the market.

Image Disclaimer: Images are NOT included with this theme download.